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Welcome to GGC - we make (usually weekly) tournamets where we play guilty gear games (and other similar games) - All players are welcomed - from new to old vetarans we are happy if you join us.


Название Игра Тип Участники Дата создания Прогресс
[GGC OFF-SEASON] [EU] 06/5/2017 Guilty Gear Xrd DE 0 04-21-17
[GGC OFF-SEASON] [EU] 29/4/2017 Guilty Gear Xrd DE 1 04-21-17
[GGC OFF-SEASON] [EU] 22/4/2017 Guilty Gear Xrd RR 7 04-21-17
[GGC OFF-SEASON] [EU] 15-4.2017 Guilty Gear Xrd RR 8 04-14-17
[GGC OFF-SEASON] [EU] 8-4.2017 Guilty Gear Xrd DE 14 03-29-17